My name is Dannah Levy, and I live in Israel near Tel Aviv, where I have my own home studio.  My work as a modern handmade ceramics artist focuses on the design, sculpture, and creation of clay.  

Influenced by Zen Buddhism’s “here and now” philosophy, inspired by nature, imperfection and clean, fine lines, I design and create contemporary ceramics and pottery that are simple and complex at the same time. I love the beauty that requires attention to be seen, like a beautiful weed growing between the bricks of an old wall, like foliage on a tidy park pathway, or like rust on metal. This kind of beauty, the imperfect, incomplete and impermanent kind, touches my heart and moves me.

I began my artistic adventure as a student of Film & Television at Tel-Aviv University. I then followed my heart (and husband) to San Diego, California, where I began my love affair with clay. Upon our return to Israel a few years later, I received a professional certificate in Interior Design Studies and worked in that field for over a decade. 

Throughout all those years I yearned for the smell, touch, and feel of the clay, so finally, in 2012 I rededicated my professional life exclusively to decorative clay works. I had two solo exhibitions and a few group exhibitions. I sell my work in galleries and stores and on the web.  Every day I continue to explore my unique direction in clay, be it at the studio, at school or even when I’m observing nature.

I feel very grateful to be able to share my art with customers worldwide.


I would love to hear from you at claybydannah@gmail.com

With love, 
Dannah Levy

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